Soundbild LogoPlease be aware, that Soundbild is still in development and currently early alpha.

Read the "read me.txt" included in this package.

Soundbild needs the Soundlibrary OpenAL, execute the included OpenAL installer befor you start Soundbild the first time.

Use this software at your own risk, i can't give any warranties.

- Windows
- 3D graphic chip (OpenGL 3.3)
- Soundcard

Windows 10 April 2018 update, audio recording error
It seems, that Microsoft doesn't allow apps to record audio by default.
Go to: Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone
and enable, that apps (or just the apps you want) can access microphone (this includes other sources like stereomix, too)

Version alpha 0.5b: (3,0 MB)

alpha 0.5:
- video creating mode with adjustable resolution
- some bugs fixed
- added new Styles

alpha 0.4:
- dynamic render resolution depending on window size (default: 1.5)
- selectable audio device
- added new Styles

alpha 0.3:
- some bugs fixed
- added script functions (min, max, clamp, abs, pow, exp, log)
- new style 'Bacchus'
- removed AudioID (using item-id of the audioSource-item to get audio-data-connection)

alpha 0.2:
- Updated Script- and Textures-Errors handling.
- Dynamic PixelShader-Textures: Set each texture in a script called by an Initializer item like:
yourPixelItem.dic_texture1InShader = "dot.png";
yourPixelItem.dic_myMainBufTexture = "fbT1_bufMain";