Soundbild v1

Screenshot Soundbild v0.61

Soundbild is a free music visualization tool. It can be used to visualize music in realtime or to render a video.

In realtime mode, Soundbild is listening to Windows' default recording device. Use stereomix if you want to see something while listening to an internet radio or your music player software. To render a Video (tutorial), you'll need a mono wave file. Soundbild will create an image for each frame which you can pass to a video rendering software like VirtualDub.

There are many customizable options so you can adjust the visualization in many ways or create your own style. Colors, background image, used textures, even physical parameter like mass or gravity. i would be glad, when you send me your own style sets or a link to a video you created with Soundbild.

Please contact me (armin [at] for feedback, questions or ideas for improvement.

Styles: fiboLights, fireRing, muwire

Styles: comet, everGrowing, circle

Styles: wormLumi, lightStorm, slotMachine