Please be aware, that Soundbild is still in development.
Contact me (armin [at] for questions, feedback, ideas for improvement or when you stumble on a bug (my test system is windows XP, nVidia graphics).

The Soundlibrary OpenAL is needed to run Soundbild, execute the included OpenAL installer befor you start Soundbild the first time.

Use this software at your own risk, i can't give any warranties.

- Windows
- 3D graphics board (OpenGL Shader)
- Soundcard

latest Releases: (4,1 MB)
- new "labels": picture and style change (4,1 MB)
- step by step video rendering
- text field improvements: delete and paste (yeah! ;))
- some bugs fixed
- new Feature: basic labeling
- more than 50 different style presets